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Summer is Ending – Are you ready to prepare your skin for the Incoming Seasons

There is so much excitement during the transition from summer to fall. Pumpkin spice lattes, football, and back-to-school are few out of many autumn experiences. While changing your violet, blue and green summer exciting colors for fall chocolate brown, olive, and sunflower gold, endeavor to optimize your fall skin care regimen with the following tips.

1. Utilize an oil-enhanced scrub to rinse your skin.

The cooler temperatures of fall usually keep your skin dry. You desire hydrating oils in your facial wash for an additional boost of moisturizer. You still require exfoliation, notwithstanding, use a mild exfoliation during the colder months.

2. Listen to your skin.

 If it is dry, it is ideal for adding some water or utilizing another moisturizer. Your skin type may adjust as the temps cool down, which may symbolize you need different forms of skin treatment products.

3. Utilize a sunscreen, even on cloudy and overcast days.

The Ultraviolet rays emanating from the sun can cause skin damage, even if those rays are not as strong as the summer rays. To maintain your golden summer appearance, utilize a self-tanner that is not prone to damage.

4. Pamper your skin with hydration products.

Your skin is prevented from getting dry out by humidity during summer. Cooler temps can give your face a dull appearance and a tight feeling. You will be so lucky to have these products as soon as the snow starts falling.

5. Apply a facial serum such as squalene oil, to your fall skin treatment regimen.

Utilize a facial serum having used your toner and before applying skin moisturizer for optimal benefits. Our aging-prevention serums enhance the production of collagen and eliminate wrinkles and fine lines to ensure your skin looks healthy and younger irrespective of the season.

Read more fall beauty hints to ensure your skin stays excellent no matter what the Mother nature does. Check out our blog!

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