Why Every Woman Over 40 Should Use the Derma Roller

No matter what our age is, we all dream of younger looking skin. I am sure everyone who is reading this would have done different things to get that young glow and softer skin. There is a new technology called the derma roller which enhances the skin’s ability to rejuvenate itself, so using very less external products, you get the younger looking skin that you all desire. Do you think it’s too good to be true, wait till you finish reading this, you will know for yourself.

The derma roller is also known as the micro needle roller is a small spindle on which there are micro needles placed. The needles vary in size and numbers. It’s called the derma roller because it works on the top layer of the skin called the dermis. It helps generate skin renewal, and leads to new skin growth. This simple process gives amazing results. The technique used is nothing new, it’s an ancient technique. This is similar to the acupuncture concept but the depth that micro needles go to is very less.

Why every woman over 40 should use derma roller?

The derma rollers needles penetrate in the top layer of the skin, and do not lead to bleeding at all. When it’s rolled over skin, pores are created the skin triggers a healing process. This healing process generated collagen and elastin. When Collagen and Elastin are produced in the skin, it develops a new layer on the skin. This new layer is the regenerated new skin. When using derma roller you will see effects almost as early as within 2 weeks of the procedure. The skin cells rejuvenation continuously for up to 12 months of using the derma roller.

What should you know about it?

• This is a painless process. The micro needles are so fine that it does not cause any pain while penetrating these in the skin.
• The micro needles penetrate in the skin, but they don’t cause any damage to the skin.
• Exfoliation is done by this process, almost as if you are using a face scrub. The difference is that you can use nourishing cream with the derma roller to give an enhanced effect.
• The derma roller gives you a younger skin because it restarts the collagen production. It actually stimulates the skin to produce more collagen.
• You don’t need an expert to use it. You can use it in the comfort of your own home.
Most importantly the derma roller is extremely effective on wrinkles and helps a lot in reducing them.


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