Treating Acne Scars with the Derma Roller

Acne or pimples is not just an adolescent’s problem, in fact this is a problem faced by a lot of people. Anyone who had this problem knows that the process of removal of pimples and its scars is a never ending. Either the pimples remain or the scar remains. This is the reason why more and more people are opting for the derma roller. This amazing new equipment works wonders on your existing pimples and also on the scars of the old one.

The derma roller uses micro needles which are strategically placed on a roller. This roller when rolled over the skin triggers the pores. This is like a small prick on the skin. The micro needles are so minute that you don’t even feel the prick. The skin just gets minute punctures which do not even bleed. This triggers the body to start healing process. The healing process works in a way that it starts to generate collagen and elastin. This generates the new skin cells production and gives you smooth skin.

The renewal process is like a wound healing process. The body gets wounded in the form of minute pores when the micro needles puncture the skin and then heals in the form of new skin. This sounds so simple and yet is so effective that you will actually see new skin after some time of use. This regeneration process triggering is what makes the derma roller one of the most effective equipment to help with your skin problems.

The derma roller proves that it’s effective on the pimples too. Pimples form on the top layer of the skin and are caused by dead skin and various other reasons. When you roll it on your skin it causes small pores to form. The small pores are forms all over the face. These are then replaced by new skin when collagen and elastin are produces. The collagen and elastin do not normally rejuvenate in the normal process. This is where the micro needle on the derma roller comes into picture.

The derma roller works at the cellular level of the skin and helps the collagen and elastin to be produced again. In a baby the skin rejuvenates and that’s why the skin is soft and elastic. As we grow older this process starts taking more and more time. It’s due to this longer time of skin rejuvenation that we can see more formation of pimples and its scars on adult’s skin. The derma roller excites the skin literally to produce newer skin cells. This is why you will see your pimples and its scars vanish when you start using the derma roller on your skin.


derma roller image

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