Top 10 Tips when Using the Dermaroller

If you have never heard of the dermaroller, here is what it is. It is a bunch of micro needles placed on a rolling pin. These micro needles create deep skin pores and trigger the skins reaction to heal. Okay, so it is not exactly painless, but these micro needles are fine and made of titanium, so the pain is bearable. And the effect of course is beautiful younger looking skin. It works on all types of skin issues like acne, scars, pigments, stretch marks and so on. These micro needles come in varying sizes and each one works on certain kinds of skin problems.

So if you are now thinking of buying the dermaroller, let’s have a look at some of the tips for buying this product, so that you don’t miss out on the best effects.

1. Avoid long needles – When buying a dermaroller, don’t go for the long needles. You might be thinking that the length of the needles can give you better results, but the fact is that it may make the process more painful.

2. Nourish your skin – When using the dermaroller, always apply a nourishing cream on your skin to get better results. You can also use skin oils, if you like.

3. No pain no gain, is not entirely true – Micro needles on the roller cause pores on the skin, as these are pushed into the skin. At this point of time don’t push in too hard, or you will end up scarring your skin.

4. Check after sale support – When buying a dermaroller, always check the after sale support that is available in your area. This will help in case you have any issues in the future and need help.

5. Single user only – You may want to share the dermaroller with your friends to show how wonderful it is, but by doing this you may be just infecting each other. It’s best if you buy a dermaroller for every one of you and don’t use the same one for.

6. Take care of the dermaroller – You’ll get better results on your roller as long as you follow manufacturer’s instructions on how to use it and also on how to disinfect it after use.

7. Watch out for up selling – This is a very simple use product, so when you are buying it watch out for the marketing techniques of up selling and don’t buy more than what you need.
8. Avoid over use – The dermaroller is surely a very good way of getting younger skin but that doesn’t mean that you roll it too much. Too much rolling can cause skin damage.

9. Research on the brand – when buying a dermaroller you should not chose the first one that you come across; so ensure that you search online for comparing different brands.

10. Believe in the dermaroller – You may be skeptical about the results, but I’m sure you would be spending much more on other products. Try this with faith and you will see the results soon.

If you follow the above tips; you will have no issues with your dermaroller.



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