Properly Disinfecting the Dermaroller

The dermaroller triggers the skins healing and renewal process to get rid of skin problems. The dermaroller has 200 micro needles. When these micro needles are rolled on the skin it opens skin pores and its pricking triggers the body’s healing process. It’s almost like the natural process of healing a wound, but these wound are very microscopic that we cants see. The whole process of the dermaroller causes the skin to produce collagen and elastin, which creates skin renewal.

But remember, a lot of care needs to be taken while using the dermaroller on your skin. As it causes the pores to open its very important to learns how clean and disinfect your dermaroller after use. It may seem unimportant to some of us, however, if not done correctly it can lead to infections on your skin and can lead to several other problems like scarring and pigmentation. After use, the dermaroller gets a lot of bacteria and dust on it. Well, I am not trying to scare you from using the dermaroller, but what I am saying is you should also know how to clean and disinfect your dermaroller after use. So let’s see how you can do it:

List of things you will need

• Hot water
• Bleach
• Paper towel
• 70% rubbing alcohol
• Dermaroller Container.

How to Clean Your Dermaroller

1. Submerge the roller end in 70% alcohol, would be better if you do it in the derma container. This will ensure that even the container is disinfected. Leave it in for at least 5 minutes.

2. After this wash the roller and container with hot water, if it’s running hot water, it’s even better.

3. After the above step, add bleach to hot water. Leave the roller in this water for about 5 minutes.

4. Remove from water, thoroughly dry the roller and place it back in its container.

The above steps on cleaning and disinfecting your dermaroller should be done every time you use it. It’s very important that you follow each of the above steps. The way the dermaroller works is by opening minute pores on the skin and starting skin’s healing process. This is only successful and effective if you follow the above instructions on cleaning and disinfecting your dermaroller after use. Remember, it’s important to keep your skin healthy and problem free.


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