How Long Do Derma Rollers Last?

Derma rollers are really helpful in maintaining the natural youthful glow of our skin. It just does not promote anti-aging and youth, but also, derma rollers enable the skin to absorb creams, lotions, and other essentials that are applied on skin so that it will be effective on serving its purpose and the great results on skin will become more visible.

Derma rollers are made of microneedles or medical grade needles attached to a roller that punctures the skin. But, this kind of puncture is not what you think it is! Even though derma rollers are made of microneedles, these microneedles produce a painless sensation in the body. Aside from that, these microneedles are responsible for the production of collagen the skin needs to rejuvenate and it is also responsible in healing the wounds on the skin. These microneedles found on derma rollers aims to fill the fine lines out and resurface shallow pitted scars found on the skin.

Derma rollers have become famous due to the wonder it gives to its users, but precaution is still needed, as there are other derma rollers that are of inferior quality. Make sure you know what kind of derma roller you are buying and think twice before doing so!

Derma rollers can last from 3 to 4 months, depending on use. Just follow the instructions carefully and make sure you are using it right to avoid any unfortunate circumstance such as injury. Improper maintenance can also decrease the benefits you can get from derma rollers, as its life is shorten. Always remember that even though derma rollers are effective on treating skin and maintaining youth and beauty, it has its time; time to be put away and be disposed. Because these derma rollers use microneedles, the microneedles attached to the rollers become dull as time passes and will cease to give the benefits it has been giving when it is still usable. Just a reminder: do not use the derma roller if the microneedles are already dull, because once these microneedles puncture your face, it would not be painless anymore. It would already cause damage on skin such as wounds.

Yes, scars, pimples, stretch marks and other skin imperfections can be erased by the amazing derma roller. But once it starts to wear off and becomes dull, stop using it. Maintain your derma roller well so that its benefits on you would take long.


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