Cleaning the Derma Roller

As you use your derma roller over time, it gradually accumulates dirt and bacteria from the skin. If you put it on the derma roller case without even cleaning it, it will promote the growth of bacteria, which will cause damage on the skin when you use it again. There is a possibility that you will acquire skin infection because of the bacteria, thus, the effectiveness of the derma roller will cease.

To avoid unwanted circumstances like these, it is best that you clean your derma roller after each use. In cleaning the derma roller, you will need a 70% rubbing alcohol, running hot water, bleach, tissue and the plastic derma roller container.

First, pour a substantial amount of alcohol in the plastic derma roller container, and submerge the derma roller head in the container. Let the alcohol sanitize the plastic container and the derma roller for 5 minutes or more. Second, rinse the plastic derma roller container with hot water to make sure that no element of germs or bacteria is still present. Third, fill the sink with hot water, put a tablespoon of bleach to the water and submerge the plastic derma roller container and the derma roller as well. Leave it for 5 minutes. This procedure is done to make sure that all bacteria and germs are eradicated. Lastly, get the plastic container and derma roller out of the water and let it dry. You can use the paper towel to dry it. Then, place the roller back to the plastic container.

To make sure that your derma roller is disinfected and clean, do this cleaning procedure every after use. Always make sure that you do not put the derma roller in boiling water, for it can cause permanent damage on the microneedles attached to it.


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