The Best Dermaroller

Due to the dermarollers recent features on hit TV shows such as The Doctors and the Rachel Ray show,  the growing popularity of the dermaroller is welcoming more brands being introduced every day. Although the dermarollers may look the same, there are obvious differences in terms of the effectiveness, quality and safety of each brand. Here we review the top 10 dermarollers and determine which truly is the best dermaroller.


Our first test was on the effectiveness of each dermaroller on acne scars and stretch marks, the two main treatments people use the dermaroller for. To our surprise, there were some patients which experienced little or no improvement in their acne scars and stretchmarks. There were only two brands which proved to produce significant improvements in the skin over the course of 6 week testing period.


Based on the dermarollers we tested, the prices ranged from $20 to $130. Most of the dermarollers in the $20 were made in Asia. The health and safety standards in Asia are not as high as in places such as North America, Europe and Australia, therefore, the control and quality of the dermarollers produced were not as well made as will be explained in the next section. The price you should pay for a quality dermaroller should be anywhere from $50 to $100.


Quality is a major concern when it comes to dermarollers. The dermaroller needles puncture the skin to heal your skin from the inside out. It would be extremely dangerous if a dermaroller was not made with good quality control and safety standards. Unfortunately, many of the dermarollers we ordered which came from Asia, arrived with either bent needles or needles which were missing. It would be dangerous to perform a treatment and have needles bend or fall off during the treatment. This is why we recommend ordering your dermaroller made in Canada or the United States as they have better quality and safety controls. The dermarollers we ordered from these two countries showed much better quality and complied to the health standards regulated by their countries.

After testing each of the top 10 brands of dermarollers, we crowned one winner as the best dermaroller. The winner was the Derma Roller System. The Derma Roller System was the only dermaroller which met or exceeded all three categories tested: It showed effective results in only 4 weeks, the price was reasonable at only $50 including free shipping and it complied to the health and safety standards in Canada.

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