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Using Derma Rollers to Cure Stretch Marks

The healthy glow of skin is a result of skin renewal process. As we grow older, our skin takes more time to renew. Consequently we can see more and more pigmentation and wrinkles. The skin renewal process is very simple, as it is creation of new skin cells and removal of old skin cells. In children this process of old skin removal and new skin growth is a lot faster, as we grow older this renewal process starts taking more and more time.

Why the derma roller?

The derma roller targets the skins natural healing or renewal process to get rid of skin problems. It’s a roller with micro needles. There are 200 fine needles placed on a roller. When rolled on the skin these needles causes the pores to open, this pricking triggers the body’s healing process. It’s almost like the natural process of healing a wound. In this case this wound is very microscopic.

How derma rollers cure stretch marks?

Stretch marks appear on the skin when the skin is stretched beyond its natural elasticity limit, leading to formation of marks on the skin. Most commonly seen during pregnancy, or when weight is rapidly lost or gained. There are varying techniques of stretch marks cure, but none of these will give you a satisfying result. However the derma roller can surely do it.

Stretch marks appear mostly on your belly and breast area, in some cases these can be seen on arms and legs. Micro needles of derma roller puncture your skin pores. This puncture causes the skin to start producing collagen and elastin. This process triggers new skin cells production and cures stretch marks.
How to maximize derma rollers effects

While using the derma roller ensure that you do not push too hard into your skin causing deep pores. Also ensure that you use it along with a nourishing cream. It can give you an even better effect.

The effects the derma roller will not be immediate, but you’ll be able to see the results in about 3 or 4 weeks, as this is the time skin renewal usually takes. So it’s best to repeat the procedure every 4 to 5 weeks to get a better result. The derma roller can surely cure the stretch marks on your skin, but the results are gradual depending on the depth of stretch marks.


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Derma Rollers – The Secret Beauty Trick

Ever wondered how the Hollywood beauties maintain their youthful skin? You must have assumed that they use very expensive products and beauty treatments that you will never be able afford. Now let me tell you the actual secret to their healthier youthful skin is the derma roller.

How derma rollers work

A very simple concept of CIT (Collagen Induction Therapy) is incorporated into a simple looking product to give you amazing skin. The derma roller uses micro needles placed at a certain distance on a rolling spindle. These needles when rolled on the skin cause the pores to open up, like getting pricked. But this prick is done with a micro needle so you will hardly be able to notice the prick. This prick gives a signal to the body to start the healing process. When skin needs to heal it starts producing Collagen and Elastin, and this is what develops a new skin layer. Very simple concept isn’t it? It’s simple yet effective.

Few things to keep in mind

Skin faces different problems like hyper-pigmentation, scars, acne, stretch marks. The derma roller can be used on any part of the body that you would like to get better skin on. But there are few things to keep in mind to get the best results.

• When using the derma roller you should use it with a nourishing cream, this gives better results than using on normal skin without nourishing cream because the derma roller opens up the pores making the absorption of the nourishing cream better.

• Ensure that you follow the disinfecting instructions to get a better effect on your skin. When you use the derma roller, they get in contact with the bacteria on the skin and also accumulate the dust. So if not disinfected properly, these can lead to infections and other problems on your skin.

• Chose the right derma roller. When choosing derma rollers you should understand your needs, so you can choose wisely.

• The derma roller has a life span; ensure that you keep the life cycle in mind. So if the needles become blunt due to usage the effect is more harm than good.

Finally, I would say once again that the derma roller is the actual secret to healthier and youthful skin. It uses a very natural concept of sin rejuvenation and works wonders on your skin. So you can also get a celebrity like skin at a very a affordable price.


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Treating Acne Scars with the Derma Roller

Acne or pimples is not just an adolescent’s problem, in fact this is a problem faced by a lot of people. Anyone who had this problem knows that the process of removal of pimples and its scars is a never ending. Either the pimples remain or the scar remains. This is the reason why more and more people are opting for the derma roller. This amazing new equipment works wonders on your existing pimples and also on the scars of the old one.

The derma roller uses micro needles which are strategically placed on a roller. This roller when rolled over the skin triggers the pores. This is like a small prick on the skin. The micro needles are so minute that you don’t even feel the prick. The skin just gets minute punctures which do not even bleed. This triggers the body to start healing process. The healing process works in a way that it starts to generate collagen and elastin. This generates the new skin cells production and gives you smooth skin.

The renewal process is like a wound healing process. The body gets wounded in the form of minute pores when the micro needles puncture the skin and then heals in the form of new skin. This sounds so simple and yet is so effective that you will actually see new skin after some time of use. This regeneration process triggering is what makes the derma roller one of the most effective equipment to help with your skin problems.

The derma roller proves that it’s effective on the pimples too. Pimples form on the top layer of the skin and are caused by dead skin and various other reasons. When you roll it on your skin it causes small pores to form. The small pores are forms all over the face. These are then replaced by new skin when collagen and elastin are produces. The collagen and elastin do not normally rejuvenate in the normal process. This is where the micro needle on the derma roller comes into picture.

The derma roller works at the cellular level of the skin and helps the collagen and elastin to be produced again. In a baby the skin rejuvenates and that’s why the skin is soft and elastic. As we grow older this process starts taking more and more time. It’s due to this longer time of skin rejuvenation that we can see more formation of pimples and its scars on adult’s skin. The derma roller excites the skin literally to produce newer skin cells. This is why you will see your pimples and its scars vanish when you start using the derma roller on your skin.


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Derma Rollers – The Miracle Beauty Device

The derma roller has become a skin rejuvenation star since the time it has been launched. Initially the process was only done at large salons or at cosmetic centers. Then it was launched in its current form and that made it accessible to everyone. Now women can use it in their own homes and don’t need to pay a heavy price for youthful skin. These derma rollers are so effective that after 2-3 weeks of usage you will start noticing the changes in your skin. It has been widely rumored that Hollywood celebrities are quickly joining this bandwagon and deriving amazing skin by using the derma roller.

How the magic works?

The derma roller is a sort of a magical wand. You are the magician equipped with this wand and with just a touch of the wand on your skin, you get youthful skin. Well, not sure if I should call it a magical wand, however the derma roller does work like a magic on the skin. I am sure when you start using it; people around you will become envious of you and will start noticing the change. You can use this to combat anything skin related like acne, hyper-pigmentation, scarring, melanoma, wrinkles, or even stretch marks. I am sure there is no other equipment or cream in the market that will give you similar results.

The derma roller uses titanium micro needles. These micro needles vary in sizes between 0.5mm to 2.5mm. The number also varies from 200-500. These are all placed on a roller. All you have to do is wash your face, apply some nourishing cream and then roll the derma roller all over your face and neck. Make this a routine, don’t push it hard into your skin, and gently roll it all over your skin. After that clean it as suggested by the manufacturer. It’s important for increasing the life of your derma roller and also ensures that it does not cause any type of infection on future use.

Here is exactly how it works. When rolled over the skin, the micro needles on the derma roller create pores on the skin. This process signals the body to start the healing process. This process leads to the creation of collagen and elastin. This is what creates the new skin cells. The derma roller has been working like a magic because it uses the natural healing process of the body, so it’s nothing but a magical wand for everyone.


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Why Every Woman Over 40 Should Use the Derma Roller

No matter what our age is, we all dream of younger looking skin. I am sure everyone who is reading this would have done different things to get that young glow and softer skin. There is a new technology called the derma roller which enhances the skin’s ability to rejuvenate itself, so using very less external products, you get the younger looking skin that you all desire. Do you think it’s too good to be true, wait till you finish reading this, you will know for yourself.

The derma roller is also known as the micro needle roller is a small spindle on which there are micro needles placed. The needles vary in size and numbers. It’s called the derma roller because it works on the top layer of the skin called the dermis. It helps generate skin renewal, and leads to new skin growth. This simple process gives amazing results. The technique used is nothing new, it’s an ancient technique. This is similar to the acupuncture concept but the depth that micro needles go to is very less.

Why every woman over 40 should use derma roller?

The derma rollers needles penetrate in the top layer of the skin, and do not lead to bleeding at all. When it’s rolled over skin, pores are created the skin triggers a healing process. This healing process generated collagen and elastin. When Collagen and Elastin are produced in the skin, it develops a new layer on the skin. This new layer is the regenerated new skin. When using derma roller you will see effects almost as early as within 2 weeks of the procedure. The skin cells rejuvenation continuously for up to 12 months of using the derma roller.

What should you know about it?

• This is a painless process. The micro needles are so fine that it does not cause any pain while penetrating these in the skin.
• The micro needles penetrate in the skin, but they don’t cause any damage to the skin.
• Exfoliation is done by this process, almost as if you are using a face scrub. The difference is that you can use nourishing cream with the derma roller to give an enhanced effect.
• The derma roller gives you a younger skin because it restarts the collagen production. It actually stimulates the skin to produce more collagen.
• You don’t need an expert to use it. You can use it in the comfort of your own home.
Most importantly the derma roller is extremely effective on wrinkles and helps a lot in reducing them.


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Top 10 Tips when Using the Dermaroller

If you have never heard of the dermaroller, here is what it is. It is a bunch of micro needles placed on a rolling pin. These micro needles create deep skin pores and trigger the skins reaction to heal. Okay, so it is not exactly painless, but these micro needles are fine and made of titanium, so the pain is bearable. And the effect of course is beautiful younger looking skin. It works on all types of skin issues like acne, scars, pigments, stretch marks and so on. These micro needles come in varying sizes and each one works on certain kinds of skin problems.

So if you are now thinking of buying the dermaroller, let’s have a look at some of the tips for buying this product, so that you don’t miss out on the best effects.

1. Avoid long needles – When buying a dermaroller, don’t go for the long needles. You might be thinking that the length of the needles can give you better results, but the fact is that it may make the process more painful.

2. Nourish your skin – When using the dermaroller, always apply a nourishing cream on your skin to get better results. You can also use skin oils, if you like.

3. No pain no gain, is not entirely true – Micro needles on the roller cause pores on the skin, as these are pushed into the skin. At this point of time don’t push in too hard, or you will end up scarring your skin.

4. Check after sale support – When buying a dermaroller, always check the after sale support that is available in your area. This will help in case you have any issues in the future and need help.

5. Single user only – You may want to share the dermaroller with your friends to show how wonderful it is, but by doing this you may be just infecting each other. It’s best if you buy a dermaroller for every one of you and don’t use the same one for.

6. Take care of the dermaroller – You’ll get better results on your roller as long as you follow manufacturer’s instructions on how to use it and also on how to disinfect it after use.

7. Watch out for up selling – This is a very simple use product, so when you are buying it watch out for the marketing techniques of up selling and don’t buy more than what you need.
8. Avoid over use – The dermaroller is surely a very good way of getting younger skin but that doesn’t mean that you roll it too much. Too much rolling can cause skin damage.

9. Research on the brand – when buying a dermaroller you should not chose the first one that you come across; so ensure that you search online for comparing different brands.

10. Believe in the dermaroller – You may be skeptical about the results, but I’m sure you would be spending much more on other products. Try this with faith and you will see the results soon.

If you follow the above tips; you will have no issues with your dermaroller.



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